Sooner Sensations Show Chorus has a wonderful history. Some of our performers are even beginning to make membership a family tradition, by recruiting their sisters, daughters, and granddaughters!

We've come a long way and our journey has many interesting highlights. Our history started in May of 1989 while the quartet, Fine Design, was preparing for a coaching session with coach, Debbie K. Hogan. The members of the quartet were Marti Salmons (tenor), Yonni Mobley (lead), Kristin Jacobs (baritone), and Sharon Banks (bass). The discussion actually started as a joke but gradually grew to be a possibility as we discussed many local friends who had either left the organization or had never really been interested in joining the only large international level chorus in the area. It was all a bit intimidating for many. Eventually, the concept actually seemed to make sense and in an attempt to increase interest and participation in barbershop harmony, we had our first planning meeting in May of 1989. We faced many challenges trying to start a chorus with such a successful chorus already in the area but we got chartered in record time. By February of 1990, we were official and planning to attend our first competition as observers since we had so many new members who had never attended anything like that. They were HOOKED! Over the next few years, we grew rapidly and placed high in the rankings for our region including winning 3rd place medals within the first couple of years. Since then, we've had a long history of awards and medals.

Our goal is to eventually become a "Master Chorus" with a "Master Director", which is a title given to any chorus who scores 600+ points out of 800 possible points during regional or International competition. In 2012, we scored our highest score yet of 592... just a small 8 points from reaching our next goal.