Join Us


Guests are welcome to attend any Sooner Sensations Show Chorus rehearsal, Monday evenings at 6:30 pm.


Southern Hills Baptist Church, 8601 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK.  

We meet in the northernmost building and you can enter through the double doors on the south side of the building that are under the covered walkway in between the two buildings. We meet in the room immediately to the right when you walk in the covered doors under the covered walkway (not to be confused with the covered drive closest to the street), but you will need to walk to hallway, turn right and then left to get into the rehearsal room. Please call 405-806-0826 and a member will come let you in and escort you to the rehearsal! There is a passcode on the outside door.


There are so many reasons to join! Spend time with a wonderful group of women, learn some wonderful songs as well as other skills, and get a chance to perform and strut your stuff! We are one big family of sisters in harmony!


You!!! Come and discover your inner diva! Bring a friend or relative who likes to sing with you! It could be something fun that you can enjoy together! We actually have MANY mother-daughter and sister sets in the chorus! Share the fun with those you love... and love those you share your music with! Together or alone, you'll meet lots of new friends in the Sooner Sensations Show Chorus!
Women of all ages are invited to attend. For more information, contact [email protected]. If you're a woman who loves to sing, we'd love to meet you!  Our members travel from all over our city to sing with Sooner Sensations Show Chorus. To quote one of our members, "It's the love of singing that brought me to Sooner Sensations Show Chorus. It's the enthusiasm, fun and lasting friendships that keep me returning week after week. I love it!"  Visit us and find out for yourself!